The internet is no longer a place of confusion and
frustration for car shoppers and owners.


What is Carsactive?

Carsactive is an internet based multi-purpose portal designed to allow consumer’s control over all aspects associated with buying, selling, operating and maintaining their vehicle. Carsactive is a one stop location for all needs of car buyers and owners, but even goes beyond that and transforms the act of buying cars and selecting services.

Carsactive offers:

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How does it work?


As a driver, you create a profile of your car. This profile stores information like make, model, year and updates with a value using the industry’s leading valuation tool. You can also add pictures, service records and other attachments.

As a driver, you also have a profile. This profile is updated with contact information and general location. Registration for drivers is always free and does not require personally identifying information.

Service providers also have profiles. These provide information about the business, services offered, contact information and ratings.

Drivers and Service Providers receive badges and ratings based on their interaction.


From a dashboard, you can access your profile along with other valuable items, like message boards, event calendar, and buy and sell options.


You can connect with other drivers and service providers to create your own car related network. This is done by placing your “display image” on the other profile. Networks are used to offer preferred service options, discounts, coupons, ratings and sharing of information like special events and promotions.

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Feedback Workshop

The most valuable thing we get from our users is feedback. The Feedback Workshop tool is available to registered drivers and service providers. Feedback is entered, shared and voted on. This feedback is used to drive our feature enhancements and releases. Users receive a badge on their profile for their contribution.

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